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8 Real Estate Photography Tips

Photos are an incredibly important componant of presenting your home for sale. Most buyers begin their home search online. Therefore, it is very important that you immediatley grab their attention by showcasing your homes beatifully staged features.

If you don't have much skill in photography, hiring a professional photographer can mean a world of difference for your listing. Simply Gorgeous offers a professional photography package as part of our full staging package. Also, a quick google search can help you locate a professional in your area.

If you choose to take the photos yourself, here are 8 tips to enhance your shoot:

1. No app compares...

While the new iphones may take some pretty good photos, do not rely on them for this important event. Its always far better to use a digital DSLR Camera with removeable lenses (the wider the lense the better). Using a DSLR will allow you to have far more control, provide far richer colors,higher resolution, and better depths of field when capturing the space.

2. Take your Time

Snapping a quick photo may sound easy but professional real estate photography requires several steps to to capture the best version of the scene. Each area should be shot from various angles and in the best light. Positioning your camera in a doorway or entrance will give the best shot of the space.

3. Always use a tri-pod

While holding the camera seems quicker and may be simpler, it always results in a less-than-polished-look. Taking time to set up the tri-pod allows you to focus on important factors such as exposure.

4. Forget the Flash

Focusing on utiliing natural and interior lighting will always result in better photos. Most built-in flashes can be difficult to utilie without washing out the scene.

5. Shoot in RAW

Most DSLR cameras allow you to shoot in RAW images, giving you more control when editing the photos after they are taken to give you the best photo possible.

6. Do the work...use Manual

It is typically best to shoot in Manual mode as this offers you the most control over shutter speed, edpth of field and ISO. However there are other settings which allow you optimal levels and you can always check out videos to find out your best settings.

7. Focus

It may seem like a no brainer, but always be certain your pics are in perfect focus. WIth wider indoor shots your cameras auto focus should be sufficient but always check prior to clicking that shutter. Using manual focus allosw you to pinpoint certain focal points, such as focusing on the forefront of a room and blurring the background. One more tip when shooting outdoor pics of the home: always take your pic from and angle. This will give the home more depth and interest and keep it from looking flat.

8. Restrain yourself

Great pics are what captures a buyers attention and makes them want to see a home. But don't overdue it. Offering too many becomes overwhelming and wastes their time. Give them enough to give them a good feel for the home and make them want to see more! Keep the number of photos to around 20. A study conducted by zillow showed that homes that offered 16-21 photos had the highest chance of selling within 48 days and homees with 28-99 pics took the longest to sell. So less is more. THe right number of stunning photos will get buyers clicking on your listing and longing to see more!

A well-lit, well-staged house is all you really need to capture your homes appeal. Simply gorgeous is here to help you get just that!

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