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Real Estate Staging

"Oooooh, I love this! I want to live here! " If you are aiming to sell a home, these are the emotions you need to bring out in your potential buyers. They need to be able to see them selves living in the home and want to be there. .

If you are looking for top dollar for your home and want it to sell quickly, Salt & Dune is here to make your home one of the most desirable ones on the market, within your budget. From home consultations where sellers do the recommended work themselves, to full staging services or renovations where we handle everything from furnishings and decor to all hands on labor, our one goal is to make your property simply one of the most gorgeous on the market and to bring  you the highest dollar possible.                  


Staging Options

Options 1: Home Staging Consultation

If you want to Stage the property yourself and simply want advice on how to prepare the property for sale, our Home Staging Consultation is your solution. We will meet with you and review your home inside and out. With your permission, we will take digital photos and prepare a written Consultation Report. This Report details all aspects of interior and exterior needs that you can do in order to get top dollar for the property. It will focus on what to pack up in each space and offer recommendations such as paint, repairs, and decluttering. We will also provide a Staging Proposal, should you decide to have your property Staged by us.

Option 2: Vacant Home Staging

Buyer’s have a hard time visualizing a home or a room’s full potential when it’s empty. Furnishing a home or a room, even with minimal furnishings, enables the buyer to get a better idea of how a room can be used and see its full potential.

If you have a vacant property that needs staging, we invite

you to request a Bid.

Option 3: Occupied Home Staging

When potential buyers come to view a house, they need to be able to visualize themselves living in it. Buyers require the freedom to visually move their own things into each room and decide whether or not they could feel at home there. Should you prefer that we Stage your occupied property, we invite you to request a Bid.

Option 4: Real Estate Staging Partnership

We offer our full staging services to Real Estate Agents at packaged pricing and discounted rates for multiple listings. Stand out from the hundreds of Real Estate Agents in the area and provide the Home Selling Advantage to your sellers. Your sellers rely on you to realize their real estate goals. In this market, your ability to make their property and make your listing stand out from the competition is a very common concern for sellers, and your top priority! Thousands of Real Estate Agents nationwide have discovered the secret of staging their properties for faster and more profitable sales. Simply Gorgeous is here to partner with you in getting your listings sold quickly!

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