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What is Coastal Inspired Design

What do we mean by "Coastal Inspired Interior Design?" Eternally popular, coastal style gets most of us dreaming of seaside getaways and leaves us feeling that wonderful laid back feeling we get on a beach vacation. It's easy to bring the beachy-chic look home. Just pair watery hues with natural textures, like rope, driftwood or wicker, or mix in a few nautical touches like anchors, oars or shells. Whether you live by the sea or miles from the nearest body of water, incorporating just a few beachy decor touches can give any space a cool, coastal vibe.

Coastal Style Is all about Casual This doesn't mean your home doesn't look pulled together. Coastal style can offer some of the most elegant looks while still feeling casual. Comfortable, relaxed and ready for lounging, coastal style invites you to unwind, kick back and put your feet up so furnishings that wear well are a must. For upholstery, consider performance fabrics, like Sunbrella or Crypton, or slipcovers, which can be easily washed. Even woven rattan which can stand up to kids, pets and sandy feet while still giving you that stylish look. If the preference is to lean towards modern, minimalistic, or traditional, coastal style will still always leave you with a relaxed feeling.

You can also elevate coastal style to something more formal.

Navy wing back chairs, flowers, and a more formal rug = a more traditional high-style while leaving a coastal feel in this living room. To keep the room from feeling too fussy, textured rattan coffee table was used to ground the space.

The print drapery panels in gorgeous blue and white and the blue wing back chair together with the more structured sofas lend a more formal feel to this seating area while the tropical plants, soft blues, and natural fiber rug leave you with an obvious coastal feel.

Coastal design should leave you feeling like you are on vacation every day.

Coastal Style Includes Shades of Sand and Sea Watery hues of green and blue pair perfectly with the bleached and natural oak finishes in this cozy dining nook. Pale wood tones, like driftwood, sun-faded teak or even white-washed wood, are a perfect fit for coastal style's weathered look. Or, Coastal Style Can Include Tropical Tones

Brighter colors like bright green, vibrant tourquoise, and coral can lend a more tropical vibe to your home. These colors evoke a feeling of happiness and celebration while still lending themselves to go either very casual or more formal.

Coastal Style Can Be a Bit Nautical Nautical nods like brass ship's bells, captain's wheels, colorful signal flags or boat oars are a common (and fun!) feature of coastal style and when hung on the wall, they're a great stand-in for standard art.

Coastal Style Is Easy to Source

on the Cheap

As this beachy vignette proves, coastal finds are easy to find at flea markets, yard sales and secondhand shops and lend themselves to a perfectly collected-over-time look.

(stay tuned for our next blog post which is all about coastal style on a budget!)

and whatever you do, don't forget Mother Nature

Take a stroll along the shore to gather found, natural elements, like seashells, driftwood and beach glass, for the easiest (and cheapest!) way to give any space a coastal vibe!

I hope you've enjoyed this little stroll through the basics of coastal inspired design today! Be sure and subscribe to get more coastal inspired design tips and trends!

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