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Bathrooms on a dime...

Giving your bathrrom a facelift doesnt have to cost a can acutally be amazingly affordable! For the least expensive route...start with a glorious shower curtain. Find something you really love. Curtains can be added in front of glass doors to add softness and style as well! Then pull the colors from it and add towels in those colors. Pop them in a basket on the floor or counter, add a pretty plant and a candle and wahlah! Refreshed! If you have a few dollars and want to go to the next step, pick a beautiful paint color...choose the neutral from your curtain or you can add a color pop on the wall behind your vanity or even paint your vanity! Or maybe just a bit of wallpaper! WIth a few more dollars you can easily paint and stencil your old floor for a great new look and upgrade your mirror, lighting and hardware! The thing to remember is it doesnt take alot in small spaces to create s beautiful spa like atmosphere. Take it one step at a can create the bath of your dreams!

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